About Us

Welcome to Computer Warehouse! I’m Jack Mizushima and I’m a computer specialist who excels on building powerful server computers. I’m originally from Kyoto but I’m residing here at the United States of America together with my cousin, Jamie Rukawa. You see, both of us are half-blood, Japanese-American, hence our names and surnames. Okay, enough personal data because I’m sure you are here to understand what this website is for. Ikuzo!

I was a computer specialist and worked in setting up a lot of personal computers, workstations and servers. Until recently, I don’t have much time in creating my own website, so even though I know the benefits of having a website, I never started creating one. But because I started specializing my skills, I gained free time and so, I decided to start my own blogging website.

Nowadays, though I still accept other computer consultation and building projects, I mostly offer my services to those who want to have a powerful server to help them do their business easily.

If you are looking for information regarding servers and workstations, you are on the right place. I’ll write powerful contents detailing the best practices in maintain your servers to make them perform as you would expect. I will create troubleshooting guide, tips, tricks and best tools and software to make your life easier as a server administrator.

I will also post reviews of the latest hardware and software. This includes news from giant server software and hardware companies so that you can be in the know all the time.